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Millions of people suffer with warts, warts are unattractive and embarrassing. Left untreated, warts can spread to other parts of the body. All warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is a virus that attacks the outer skin layer causing the formation of non-cancerous skin growths (warts). The appearance of a wart depends on where it is growing. Warts are usually skin colored and feel rough to the touch but they can also appear dark, flat and/or smooth.

Warts are usually indirectly passed from person to person and the time from first contact until a wart appears is often several months. Warts normally occur in areas where the skin has been broken. This explains why warts often appear on the hands, feet, knees, legs and face. Once a person has contacted warts, generally more are introduced to other sites on the body by a process called autoinoculation. A weakened immune system is primarily responsible for the proliferation of warts and can make wart removal difficult.

The 7 most common types of warts and wart pictures appear below:

Common Warts

Common warts are rough, flesh colored growths that are raised above the skins surface and usually found on the hands.

Plantar Warts:

Plantar warts are usually found on the soles (plantar area) of the feet and look like hard, thick patches of skin with dark specks. Most Plantar warts do not stick up above the skins surface because the pressure of walking flattens them and pushes them back into the skin. Planter warts have a bad reputation as they can be very painful.

Seed Warts: 

Seed warts are also referred to as Common or Plantar warts and have a tiny black dot in the center resembling a seed. Seed warts are small, hard bumps that are flesh colored and appear rounded and elevated with a tiny black dot in the center. The black dot is a capillary vessel that carries blood to the wart

Flat Warts 

Flat warts have a flat appearance and are smaller and smoother than other types of warts. They are pink or light brown in color and tend to grow in large numbers. They can occur anywhere but usually appear on the face, neck, arms and legs. Flat warts are often spread by shaving.

Filiform Warts 

Filiform warts are long, narrow and have a protruding finger-like shape to their appearance. Filiform warts are growths that usually occur on the eyelids, face, neck or lips. People frequently come into contact with filiform warts by sharing linens or products associated with facial use.

Periungual Warts 

Periungual warts are found under and around the toenails and fingernails. They appear as rough, irregular bumps and can affect nail growth. 

Genital Warts

Genital warts are found in the genital area, around the anus, within the rectum or vagina. They range in color from flesh to gray and often grow together to form cauliflower-like masses and in some cases are too small to see. HPV and genital warts are usually spread by skin to skin contact during intercourse with someone with the virus.  Both men and women are equally at risk. In men, the warts appear on the penis and around and inside the anal area. In women, they can emerge around the vaginal area, around and inside the anus, and up into the vagina. They may itch, but are usually painless.  Both men and women can get the warts in their mouth and down the throat after engaging in oral sex.

appear in clusters, which can grow larger and larger. They have an irregular shape, and can be almost cauliflower shape.

Warts Natural Homeopathic Treatment

Pacific Naturals has the natural homeopathic solution you're looking for. Wartrol Homeopathic Wart Relief is a reliable way to solve your problem.

Wartrol Homeopathic Wart Relief is a proprietary formula of natural ingredients chosen for their traditional use in homeopathic medicine treating many of the symptoms associated with Warts.

Just simple application of wartrol can effectively fight the unpleasant symptoms of  Warts and help you finally get some relief.

With Wartrol Homeopathic Wart Relief, you'll be able to  get relief from Warts symptoms without a prescription.

Wartrol Homeopathic Wart Relief is:
  • Safe and Effective
  • Homeopathic - Uses FDA Approved Natural Ingredients 
  • Easy to Use at Home
  • Available Without a Prescription 
  • Fast-acting painless liquid 
  • 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives
  • Has No Side Effects 
  • Convenient and Portable Spray
  • Maximum Strength 
  • Starts Working Instantly
  • Easily removes Verruca,Body,Flat & Plantar warts caused by HPV 
  • Lasting Results 
  • Eliminates the infection that causes warts
  • Controls and prevents wart flare ups


Wartrol Ingredients:

Following are the Wartrol Ingredients:

The ingredients in Wartrol have long been used in homeopathic medicine to treat various symptoms commonly associated with warts. Never before have they all been combined into one homeopathic spray fortified to help you get natural wart relief without a prescription

Salicylic Acid - Salicylic Acid works through a scientific process called Keratolysis. This process involves thinning the toughened layers of skin produced by the HPV virus at the site of the wart, so they can be shed. Without such shedding, dead skin cells infected with the virus continue to build and the wart gets bigger. When Salicylic acid helps with this shedding, the virus weakens allowing the wart to be removed more easily.

Natural Oils - Natural oils in Wartrol help make the product more gentle on your skin all natural, gentle to the skin, while providing safe and effective relief from Warts. Wartrol utilizes the natural powers of essential oils to destroy the wart virus and eliminate the wart from the skin.

Does Wartrol Really Work?

Wartrol provides homeopathic treatment for warts. It is a specially formulated homeopathic blend of  active natural ingredients, and each of the ingredients in Wartrol has been proven to treat warts.

Many people are choosing to use natural, homeopathic treatments like Wartrol to treat warts because they are considered safer and are usually much less expensive than pharmaceutical alternatives. If you are asking yourself does Wartrol really work to provide effective relief, just consider the fact that Wartrol has FDA approved ingredients that are known to be safe as well as effective.

Are there any Wartrol Side Effects?

Since Wartrol is made from 100% Natural homeopathic ingredients,it has no reported side effects and is completely safe and easy to use.

How long does it take Wartrol to work?

Everyone is different and responds uniquely to any given substance same rule applies to wartrol. Some individuals start to see results after few weeks while others it might take as long as couple of months. But for lasting results 6 months treatment is recommended.

How to Apply Wartrol Wart Relief Treatment?

  • Step 1 : Squeeze the soft rubber tip and insert the dropper into the Wartrol liquid solution bottle. Release the dropper to suck in a small amount of Wartrol. 
  • Step 2 : Locate the wart. Release the liquid in the dropper on top of the wart by slowly applying pressure to the soft handle. Air dry for about 60 seconds. 
  • Step 3 : Allow about 18-19 minutes for the powerful Wartrol liquid solution to begin dissolving the wart. Do not cover the wart with clothing or band-aid during this time. Repeat these 3 steps daily until the wart is gone.

The reason homeopathic medicine is put under your tongue is for quick absorption into your blood stream. There are many tiny corpuscles there and the homeopath is absorbed into your blood stream rapidly.

Don't delay. Get the symptoms of this ugly, contagious condition under control with Wartrol Homeopathic Wart Relief.

Just Imagine how it will be when you get the relief you desire.Imagine how good you'll feel about your body and about yourself.

With Wartrol Warts Relief formula, you can get relief from the embarrassing and aggravating symptoms of  warts.

Wartrol Success Stories:

My problems with Warts have led to years of self-doubt. Since taking Wartrol I feel like a brand new man again!

-- Kevin S., 31 - discovered Wartrol 6 weeks ago

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for your Warts product. My husband and I both take it, and our lives have much improved since. Thanks so much!

-- Jamee M., 26, discovered Wartrol  18 Days ago

Sense I began using Wartrol, I’ve once again felt assured when I’m with the ladies. I appreciate your wonderful product.

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